PhD projects

Science Parks and Smart Specialisation Strategies in Developing Countries: theoretical and practical implications by Amonpat Poonjan

Behavioural design - from analysis to intervention to real world impact by Camilla K. E. Bay Brix Nielsen

Patient Training for Gaze Controlled Telepresence by Guangtao Zhang

Communication keyboards for people with special needs by Tanya Bafna

Wind Energy and Society by Lene Gjørtler Elkjær

Opportunities and limits of user focused trends in hospital architecture the case of government hospital, Thailand by Supuck Prugsiganont

Disruptive technologies in design by Sidsel Katrine Ernstsen

Designing Systems Visualisations for Decision Support by Agzam Idrissov


Healthcare Design for Patient Engagement and Collaborative Care by Andrea Bravo


Designing New Ways of Working in Industry by Bzhwen A. Kadir


Robust Decision Making for the Management of Large Engineering Projects by Morten Wied


Identification of Safety and Security Cascading Risks in Cyber-Physical Systems by Nelson H.Carreras Guzman


Radical improvements in sustainable renovation based on new forms of collaboration and business models by Jakob Brinkø Berg


The Sustainable Management of Sickness Absence in Slaughterhouses by Marie Louise Kirkegaard


Listen Care-Fully: Healthcare Design on Listening Effort and Cognitive Functioning by Alix Feldman


Digitalising Knowledge Work: Processes, Enablers and Effects by Nelda Vendramin


AR/VR Interface Design for Rehabilitation by Exoskeleton by Milton Mariani

Innovation in Danish energy companies by Eva Sass Lauritsen

AR/VR Interface Design for Rehabilitation by Exoskeleton by Maximilian Wittmann

Cost Risk Management in Public Construction Projects by Andreas Claus Hansen