Engineering Systems Design People

Name Title Ph. E-mail Profile
Jakob Brinkø Berg Jakob Brinkø BergResearch Assistant+45 45 25 47
Sten Bonke Sten BonkeAssociate Professor Emeritus+45 45 25 16
Andrea Bravo Andrea BravoPhD student+45 45 25 45
Ole Broberg Ole BrobergAssociate Professor, Emeritus+45 45 25 60 33obro@dtu.dkMSc (Engineering) and PhD, Technical University of Denmark   Current Research Projects and Interests Methods for knowledge transfer from operations into engineering design Designing n...
Philip Cash Philip CashAssociate Professor+45 45 25 45
Nicholas Ciccone Nicholas CicconePostdoc+45 45 25 47
Jaap Daalhuizen Jaap DaalhuizenAssociate Professor+45 45 25 15
Carolina Falcão Duarte Carolina Falcão DuartePhD student+45 52 82 94
Nijs Jan Duijm Nijs Jan DuijmExternal part-time lecturernidu@dtu.dkResearch in risk analysis and safety management. Quantitative risk assessment and consequence assessment for major hazard accidents. Use of safety barriers in safety critical domains (process in...
Sidsel Katrine Ernstsen Sidsel Katrine ErnstsenIndustrial PhD+45 45 25 60
Raquel Malheiros Faraco Raquel Malheiros FaracoGuest PhD
Alix Feldman Alix FeldmanPhD student+45 45 25 60
Dorrit Givskov Dorrit GivskovAdministrative Coordinator+45 45 25 45
Sisse Grøn Sisse GrønPostdoc+45 45 27 51
Nelson Humberto Carreras Guzman Nelson Humberto Carreras GuzmanPhD student+45 45 27 51
Andreas Claus Hansen Andreas Claus HansenPhD
Agzam Idrissov Agzam IdrissovPhD student+45 45 25 45
Eva Sass Lauritsen Eva Sass LauritsenPhD
Anja Maier Anja MaierProfessor, Deputy Head of Division, Head of Section+45 45 25 60 45amai@dtu.dkAnja M Maier, Ph.D. is Professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).  Her research focuses on engineering systems design, with a particular emphasis on complexity and human behaviour.  Th...
Balaji Kalluri Mallikarjuna Balaji Kalluri MallikarjunaIndustrial
Dorte Münch Dorte MünchAdministrative Coordinator+45 45 25 45
Camilla Kirstine Elisabeth Bay Brix Nielsen Camilla Kirstine Elisabeth Bay Brix NielsenPhD
Josef Oehmen Josef OehmenAssociate Professor+45 45 25 60 39Jooehm@dtu.dkJosef Oehmen, Ph.D., MBA, is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) . His research interests focus on managing large-scale (systems) engineering programs, particularly ...
François Patou François PatouPostdoc+45 45 25 47
Ali Shafqat Ali ShafqatGuest PhD
Rolf Bang Simonsen Rolf Bang SimonsenExternal part-time
Robert Taylor Robert TaylorGuest
Christian Thuesen Christian ThuesenAssociate Professor+45 45 25 60 15chth@dtu.dkI have been working with projects for more than 15 years as teacher, researcher, and consultant in various engineering settings, including construction and IT. This has sparked my fundamental resea...
Agata Ewa Wróbel Agata Ewa WróbelPostdoc+45 45 25 60
Jin Zhang Jin ZhangVisiting PhD