Resources for practitioners


The Engineering Systems Design section offers public access to a selection of application-oriented tools and knowledge that we developed and co-developed over the years.

We also include a number of key external resources on the subject of socio-technical engineering systems.


Booklets and Reports

  • The Strategy Implementer: A workbook for mastering people and uncertainty in implementing strategy initiatives. Oehmen, Lund Strøm, Velasco, Willumsen, 2018. Download
  • Net-Sights: Network Insights for Collaborative Sustainable Production. Wulff-Andersen, Parraguez, and Maier, 2017. Download
  • Knowledge Crossing Boundaries: How to improve the design of offshore units by transferring knowledge from operations. Conceição, Jensen, and Broberg, 2016. Download
  • Employee participation in product innovation | Medarbejderindragelse i produktinnovation. Schou-Jensen, Jensen, and Broberg, 2016. Download
  • Complexity Management for Projects, Programmes, and Portfolios: An Engineering Systems Perspective. Oehmen, Thuesen, Parraguez, and Geraldi, 2015. Download
  • Improving the Integration of Program Management and Systems Engineering. Oehmen et al 2013. Download
  • Guide to Lean Enablers for Managing Engineering Programs. Oehmen et al, 2012. Download
  • Engineering change management report. Industry survey results from Denmark. Maier and Langer, 2011. Download


Tools and Methods


  • TechnologyCards: Digital technologies that may create disruptive changes. Cards plus game instructions in TechSessions hereContact Sidsel Ernstsen, Christian Thuesen, and Anja Maier.
  • ProjectLab: Resources for the reflective project practitioner, including courses, a handbook on Doing Projects (see also under handbooks below), a certification programme developed together with Danish Standards, a project canvas and more. Contact Joana Geraldi and Christian Thuesen.
  • User-involvement through prototyping. A workspace experiment toolbox with material for architects, consulting engineers and health & safety consultants who want to involve employees in workspace design. This includes a conceptual framework, a board game, playing cards. Contact Carolina Souza da Conceição and Ole Broberg. 
  • SafetyBarrierManager is a software to develop safety-barrier diagrams for risk analysis. Version 2 released October 2015.
    YouTube demo on version 1 showing how to open and browse projects and extract data and tables. Contact Nijs-Jan Duijm.
  • DTU's Knowledge Landscape. Contact: Pedro Parraguez and Anja Maier.
  • Net-SightsWeb application on Network Insights for Collaborative Sustainable Production. Contact: Pedro Parraguez and Anja Maier or Agzam Idrissov.


  • Geraldi, Joana and Mario Arlt (2015): Visuals Matter. Project Management Institute. Link
  • Kreye, Melanie (2016): Uncertainty and Behaviour. Perceptions, Decisions and Actions in Business. Routledge. Link
  • Cash, Philip, Stanković, T., and Štorga, M. (2016): Experimental Design Research: Approaches, Perspectives, Applications. Springer International Publishing. Link
  • Geraldi, Joana, Thuesen, Christian, Oehmen, Josef, and Stingl, Verena (2017): Doing Projects. A Nordic Flavour to Managing Projects: DS-handbook 185:2017.
    Details here. Available for purchase at Dansk Standard webshop. See also external review here: Link
  • Van Boeijen, A., Daalhuizen, Jaap, and Zijlstra, J. (2020, revised edition): Delft Design Guide: Perspectives-Models-Approaches-Methods. BIS Publishers. Link


External Resources

  • Engineering Systems. Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World. De Weck, O.L., Roos, D. and C.L. Magee (2011). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.Link
  • Creating systems that work. Principles of engineering systems for the 21st century. Report by the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, 2007. Link
  • Designing for Society. Nynke Tromp and Paul Hekkert (2018). Bloomsbury. Link.


If you have suggestions regarding other relevant resources that should be featured here, please contact us.