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Friday 24 Sep 21



Anja Maier
Professor, Deputy Head of Division, Head of Section
DTU Management
+45 45 25 60 45

Defence date: 24.09.2021


PhD thesis title: Designing systems visualisations for decision support

Design processes are becoming more digital. Accordingly, designers deal with increasingly large amounts of diverse and interconnected product data. To explore such data for making design decisions, designers often use systems visualisations. Systems visualisations are here referred to as abstract, computer-supported, interactive and data-rich visual representations of product data from across multiple design domains, such as stakeholders, requirements, product architecture or verification tests. There is a lack of research in engineering design on how to build systems visualisations. As observed in design practice, ineffective systems visualisations can hinder designers from making sense of product data and can influence the quality of design decisions. Thus, this thesis argues that building systems visualisations according to designers’ needs requires a systematic approach. To inform the building of systems visualisations, this thesis focuses on three main aspects: system features of the product data represented, i.e. relationships, hierarchies, patterns, and processes, the visualisation tasks performed by designers when using systems visualisations, and design activities in which such visualisations are used. Presented via a collection of six papers, with empirical data collected through literature review and studies with data analysts as well as designers and engineers from large manufacturing companies, the thesis integrates three aforementioned aspects into a conceptual framework and proposes a set of recommendations to inform the building of systems visualisations. The conceptual framework is also pilot applied outside design.



Professor Anja Maier, Engineering Systems Design, DTU Management, Denmark

Assistant Professor Stanko Škec, University of Zagreb, Croatia



Dr Poul Martin Ravn, Systems and Architecture Manager, 3Shape Trios A/S, Denmark

Senior Lecturer Dr David C Wynn, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Associate Professor Josef Oehmen, DTU Management, Denmark


Chairperson at the defence:

Associate Professor Phil Cash, Engineering Systems Design, DTU Management, Denmark

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