Recorded webinar on Risk and Emergence by Igor Kozine

Thursday 18 Jun 20


Igor Kozin
Senior researcher
DTU Management
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Online webinar recorded: Risk and emergence

Speaker: Dr Igor Kozine, Senior Researcher, Engineering Systems Design research group, Innovation Division, Department of Technology, Management and Economics, DTU-Technical University of Denmark

When: Thursday, 18 June 2020, 9:00-10:00, including time for questions and answers


Title: Risk and Emergence

Emergence is a perennial philosophical problem. In the nineties and the beginning of zeros, the notion received renewed attention because of attempts to model complex biological and psychological systems by the use of neural networks, dynamical system theory, and agent-based models. Today, we can observe renewed interest again, but now it comes from designers of complex socio-technical systems and engineers. In part, this is because of the integration of new information and communication technologies into industrial, manufacturing, transportation and other systems; and, as a consequence, their growing complexity. Accumulated experience shows that cyber-physical systems exhibit emergent hazardous behaviours and their consequences can be tremendous.

The online webinar talk will draw attention and try to answer the following questions:

What types of emergence exist? Is there a link between causality and emergence?

Can emergent behaviours be predicted?

Why identification of emergent phenomena is important in risk analyses?

Are there approaches to their identification?

Are "black swans" and emergent phenomena synonymous?


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Igor Kozine, PhD, Senior Researcher

Engineering Systems Design,

Engineering Systems RiskLab,

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