Tomorrow’s engineering systems depend on world-class research

Socio-technical engineering systems increasingly shape modern lives, and it is our ambition to understand and improve the ways in which we can design and manage these systems.

What is the most effective way of providing healthcare to a population? How can we improve critical infrastructure? What are the capabilities needed for moden digital production? Can energy be distributed in a smarter way? These are the types of questions that occupy the minds of the academic staff in the Engineering Systems Design group.

Value-adding collaborations

The Engineering Systems Design research group is eager to collaborate with a wide range of partners. Through our many partnerships with research institutions, companies, and public authorities, we have developed new and ground-breaking methodologies and tools for the design, operation and management of engineering systems. If you are interested in a partnership or opportunities to collaborate with us, have a look here. Learn more about our research and current projects here.

An international environment of leading academics

Our research group consists of close to 40 academics from all parts of the world. Academics and students come to DTU for its renowned status as a leading technical university and also for our international profile. More than half of our PhD students are recruited abroad, and our research results benefit greatly from the group of highly qualified researchers with multiple disciplinary and industry backgrounds. Learn more about our academic staff here.


Anja Maier
Professor, Deputy Head of Division, Head of Section
DTU Management
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