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DTU Management - Innovation Division - Research

The research in the Innovation Division targets the interaction between technology, systems and people. 

More precisely, we focus on strategic management, risk- and project management, implementation processes, design thinking, organizational development as well as the launch of new technologies and acceptance in the society. We have a special focus on digitalization within which we contribute with research in risk, behavior, system design and people’s perspectives on digitalization, responsibility, sustainability and ethical aspects. 


The Innovation Division is divided into three sections:


Per Dannemand Andersen
Professor/Head of Division
DTU Management
+45 45 25 45 35
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Engineering Systems Design

We seek to improve and understand the ways in which we can design and manage socio-technical engineering systems.




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Responsible Technology

We investigate how technologies appear legitimate and beneficial to society and how they are developed and applied in a socially sustainable and responsible way.




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Implementation and Performance Management

We support industry with advanced technology, human-machine interaction, and agile process management with a view to strategic resilience and renewal of us as leaders, employees and stakeholders. 



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