Ole Broberg interviewed by the EuroTech magazine TECHNOLOGIST

Monday 15 Oct 18


Ole Broberg
Associate Professor PhD
DTU Management
+45 45 25 60 33

Associate Professor Ole Broberg was interviewed for the feature article on the Future of Work in the EruoTech magazine Technologist. The feature focussed on organisations’ use of serious games.



Collaborative games: [...] "Serious games come in digital, board or role-playing formats. Ole Broberg, Head of Studies for the Master’s programme in Design and Innovation at the Technical University of Denmark develops “design games” to enable people with different professional background to collaborate on designing a type of technology or organisational work structure. From 2010 to 2012, he examined the renovation of an outpatient clinic in Greater Copenhagen. “We led three sessions with 10 people involved in medical care – doctors, secretaries and nurses,” he recalls. “We wanted to simulate the future clinic using games, including a Lego set and figures. They each played their own role and the scenarios varied to see how a given reorganisation would impact the patient care pathway.” Despite some initial scepticism, the team really got into it. “Unlike with traditional brainstorming, we can more easily identify ourselves, understand and bring in our experiences and ideas in a collaborative setting.”

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