DTU Avisen features Engineering Systems RiskLab

Tuesday 05 Mar 19


Josef Oehmen
Associate Professor
DTU Management
+4545 25 60 39
DTU's Newspaper, DTU Avisen, has published a feature on the RiskLab

DTU Avisen, DTU's Danish-language newspaper, has today published a feature on the Engineering Systems RiskLab.

You can find it here (in Danish, page 18):

Download as PDF: http://emagstudio.win.dtu.dk/DTU-avisen/DTUavisen1902/pubData/source/154042_DTUavisen_02_2019_Tilrettet_040319.pdf

View online: http://emagstudio.win.dtu.dk/DTU-avisen/DTUavisen1902/page_18.html

Even if you do not read Danish, you can have a good laugh at the picture of Josef (and Pelle)! ;-) You are welcome!

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