Brightline collaboration 2019 - The wisdom of crises

Monday 03 Feb 20


Josef Oehmen
Associate Professor
DTU Management
+45 45 25 60 39

Throughout 2019, DTU Management had continued the collaboration with the Brightline Initiative through a research project investigating “The Wisdom of Crises”. Many (project) organizations that successfully survive major crises report, that a crisis often unleashes unexpected strengths and capabilities. Supported by the Brightline Initiative, Verena Stingl and Josef Oehmen investigated how organizations can develop insights gained from crises, to navigate their day-to-day surprises in strategic projects.

A central output of the research project is a workshop guide, to help organizations identify how they handle their surprises, and spot areas for active improvement. The workshop has been tested and developed at the 6th DTU RiskLab Forum (in collaboration with IDA Risk), and throughout several pilot runs with Danish companies. The workshop material can be downloaded for free on the DTU website.

The research has moreover produced a book chapter on Resilient Transformation (together with Morten Wied, DTU MAN) in the Thinkers 50 Transformation Playbook, and series of articles on the Blog of the London School of Economics:

For more information, please contact Josef Oehmen.

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