The Design group is academically rooted in the adjacent research areas of design, creativity, innovation, and human factors. The group focuses on providing cutting edge knowledge and competences based on a wide scope of excellent evidence-based research regarding design and innovation.
We collaborate closely with a range of industry partners, as well as private and public organizations.

The IDE group aims at contributing to the society at large with creative solutions to address some of society´s grand challenges by means of (1) educating a new generation of engineers who are fully equipped with entrepreneurial mindset and skills; (2) providing cutting-edge knowledge and competences on design engineering (both product and service design) with innovative tools and methods to support industry and economic growth; and (3) managing creativity and technological innovations with a process of value creation and capture, interacting within the context of holistic systems where stakeholders are highly involved.

The Design group operates two experimental facilities: the Design Lab and the GazeIt Lab. The Design Lab is a research and interaction design facility. The GazeIt Lab applies commodity Virtual Reality equipment to explore how gaze can be involved in the control of future smart environments.

The Design group is responsible for a number of courses at BSc, MSc, and PhD levels, primarily in the domain of design and innovation. The Design group is also a knowledge centre where our researchers conduct world-class research using various research methods and creating societal impacts. Drawing upon its research excellence, the group is always ready to actively engage in providing our collaborating industries with creative solutions to engineering and managerial challenges.


John Paulin Hansen
Professor, Group Leader
DTU Management Engineering
+45 45 25 48 52